Student-Athlete Registration

StFX student-athletes only - 2020-21 Information


1)  U SPORTS Online Registration

All new student-athletes MUST register online on the U SPORTS portal by CLICKING HERERegistration is a mandatory prerequisite to a student-athlete being listed on an eligibility certificate. Please follow these instructions:

  • Select “Student-Athlete”
  • Click on Register, agree to consent, next
  • Confirm email address and captcha graphic
  • Begin registration – your important registration code will be sent to your email address within 5-10 minutes that you will need to proceed (if you don’t see it, check your spam folder)
  • Once you receive your registration code, enter it and click on 'Begin Registration'
  • Fill in your personal and academic information
  • Save and continue
  • Consent
  • Review info for accuracy
  • Enter Visa or Master Card info for $50 mandatory one-time payment
  • Once completed, U SPORTS will send your official U SPORTS ID – it starts with CS….
  • Send your CS code to (or just forward the whole email)

When we receive your “U SPORTS Code”, we assign you to StFX. Once that is complete, you will be notified that you can then go back in to sign the "Acknowledgement & Consent” for U SPORTS and AUS to complete the eligibility requirements.

Here are links to an informational summary and User Guide about U SPORTS Central:

2)  StFX Student-Athlete Code of Conduct Agreement

CLICK HERE to complete mandatory online consent form

3)  Medical Form – First Year StFX Student-Athletes

CLICK HERE to complete Varsity Athlete Medical Intake Form and to set up an account with our StFX Athletic Therapy Booking site.

4)  CCES Online Drug Education

All U SPORTS student-athletes (new & returning) must complete a mandatory drug education e-learning course. 
New student-athletes are now able to create accounts using the attached invitation 
This online e-learning course must be completed by Sept. 11th (it can be completed before arriving at StFX).


1)  U SPORTS and AUS Acknowledgement and Consent

All returning student-athletes are required to log into the U SPORTS student-athlete registration portal to electronically sign the Student-Athlete Acknowledgment and Consent form

  • Access the portal here:
  • Click on “sign in
  • You need your personal “U SPORTS ID code and the email you used to register. (If you misplaced or forgotten your ID code, email
  • Complete any new info they ask for and update your emergency contacts, phone numbers, previous teams, etc, if needed and click save and continue until you have finished.  
  • When U SPORTS acknowledgement is complete, AUS will come up requiring the same info –  just keep clicking Okay and continue until it says a big thank you at the end.
  • Please make sure emergency contact, U SPORTS and AUS all say completed “Yes”.

2)  StFX Student-Athlete Code of Conduct Agreement

CLICK HERE to complete mandatory online consent form

3)  Medical Form – Returning StFX Student Athletes

CLICK HERE to complete the mandatory online medical form (must log into StFX account to complete)

4)  CCES Online Drug Education

All returning U SPORTS student-athletes must complete a mandatory drug education e-learning course. This online e-learning course must be completed by Sept. 11th (it can be completed before arriving at StFX).

Returning student-athletes and staff can now log into their accounts at and complete their course, either True Sport Clean or The True Sport Clean Review, depending on their eligibility. Returning users can also be provided the invitation as it includes login and troubleshooting information.


For more information or if you have questions please contact:

U SPORTS Registration
Pat MacGillivray, or (902) 867-2152

Code of Conduct
Krista McKenna, or (902) 867-5381

Medical Questionnaires, CCES Online Drug Education
Tara Sutherland,  or 902-867-2231



For any team requiring the payment of Team Fees, please CLICK HERE to process an online payment.


ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES - Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT)

The new online CATT for Athletes is endorsed by U SPORTS and provides in-depth concussion education, covering the following. It is an optional tool available for use by all U SPORTS student-athletes. 

  • What is a concussion?
  • Do I have a concussion?
  • Why is reporting important?
  • How can a concussion affect my life?
  • How do I get back to normal?
  • How can I cope with concussion?

CLICK HERE to access the CATT for Athletes 

Note: You can check out this new resource by selecting “I do not consent” on the consent form to proceed directly to CATT for Athletes.
All athletes will have access to the CATT for Athletes education whether or not they choose to participate in the evaluation.

If you would like to help evaluate this new resource, you will be asked to complete an optional 20 to 25-minute survey before starting CATT for Athletes, a second 15 to 20-minute survey following the CATT for Athletes training, and a final 15 to 20-minute follow-up survey approximately 2 months later.

Enter to win a $25 gift card upon completion of each survey!