StFX has one of the best university women’s rugby programs in Canada. We are six-time national champions and 21-time AUS champs.

In celebration of over 35 years since women’s rugby was established at StFX, we are launching a 5-year campaign to raise $350,000 to help our X-Women Rugby team continue to thrive.

StFX Rugby is what it is today because for more than 35 years, we have recognized that being part of a team isn’t just about playing: it’s about friendship, and power, and confidence – and about life. We love this game that holds space for everyone – every body type, every background, every level of ability. 

This campaign has a place for everyone. Join us!  


Like all varsity teams at StFX, the X-Women Rugby team receives set funding from the University that ensures parity across sports. All teams, however, depend on additional financial support from alumni and their fans to ensure their success. Traditionally, women’s sports haven’t enjoyed the same level of support as the men’s teams. The good news? Things are ‘a-changing’.

StFX recently made headlines for making the bold decision to play an X-Women Rugby game in the prime Saturday afternoon Homecoming slot. It was applauded as a North American sporting first.

This fundraising campaign for X-Women Rugby is a first for women’s sports at StFX. Join us in making ‘herstory’ and support the second-largest varsity squad on campus and one of the most successful sports teams ever at StFX. 

This campaign will support the X-Women Rugby team in three main ways:

1) Increase the number of endowed Scholarships and Bursaries to recruit top student-athletes;

2) Revitalize the X-Women Locker Room to provide the team with a meeting space that is worthy of a championship-level team; and

3) Establish a sustainable Exhibition Travel budget, so we can participate in high-quality tournaments outside of Atlantic Canada, to prepare for national championships. 

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This campaign provides a unique opportunity to show your collective support by having “your name in lights” in the new locker room space. 

Circle of Champions Naming Opportunities (Individual or Group):    

Named Locker Room $75,000
Named Coach Office $50,000
By the Numbers Wall $25,000
All Time Records Wall $25,000
Decades of Excellence Wall $25,000
Name on Shared Locker $3,000 ($50/month over 5 years)
Name on Individual Locker $5,000 ($84/month over 5 years)


Our goal is to have every former rugby player contribute! We will honour all gifts of all sizes on a Giving Wall. Make your personal statement that X-Women Rugby is important to you! Consider making a monthly gift of $10 - $50 to support the team's future! 

ROOKIE (recent grad) $10 $120 $600
LINE-OUT $20 $240 $1200
RUCK $35 $420 $2100
CONVERSION* $50 $600 $3000
TRY* $84 $1000 $5000

*Your name will be recognized on a shared or individual locker. Each year, you will be introduced to the X-Women athlete who has 'your' locker!


Join this campaign and make a meaningful contribution to the X-Women’s Rugby program. We also welcome volunteers – please be in touch if you would like to help out on this campaign.

Watch this inspirational video created before the 2014 national championship!


Michele Chiasson-Suart '85 Suzanne Anderson '87
Veronica Visentin ’87 Maureen O'Brien '91
Mary-Eileen O'Brien '91 Eryn Hessian '00, '03
Chelsey Penrice '07 Mary Giles '09, '11, '16
Joanna Alphonso '18, '20  


If you would like to donate, volunteer on this campaign, participate in a naming opportunity, or help us forge connections, please be in touch with:

Alexis MacDonald ’99 (X-Women Rugby Player)
StFX Advancement Team
Cell: 647-884-2659