StFX Athletics vision is to be widely recognized as a national leader and define what it means to be Canada's best interuniversity athletics program, instilling a passion to succeed academically, a passion to compete for and win championships, and a passion to prepare student-athletes to become LEADERS & CHAMPIONS in life so they can achieve their dreams and make meaningful contributions to society.

StFX Athletics ensures athletics are conducted in unison with the University’s educational mission while building upon the proud heritage of athletic success that inspires pride among constituents and supporters alike.  

To learn more about our student-athletes – and how you can help them find success, both on and off the playing surface, click on the links below  

Hail and Health!  Go X Go!   


The Adopt-an-Athlete program is an initiative designed to provide financial assistance to all StFX varsity & club teams and student-athletes. The program provides a link to our coaches and student-athletes to connect with our alumni, past players, and community of supporters. For a minimum $250 donation, you can Adopt-an-Athlete and assist with things such as: exhibition tournaments and out-of-conference competitions; academic support programs; upgrade equipment inventories; or special purchases for injury prevention. 

Advertising & Corporate Sponsors

The StFX Department of Athletics presents numerous advertising opportunities on an annual basis. Along with the traditional methods of advertising (rink boards, in-ice logos, stadium signs, etc.) we can partner with you to create innovative ways to market your brand within our facilities or at our varsity games through promotional opportunities. 

Donate Online

Support is accepted at any giving level, including scheduled payments, one-time gifts and perpertual gifts. Our Advancement Department offers a simple online platform to accept gifts at any time of the year and offer tax receipts for your generosity. Gifts may also be designated to a specific varsity team.  

Online 50/50 Tickets

The program is a virtual 50/50 fundraiser established to help STFX Athletics and XREC to raise funds for our varsity and club sport teams. Each week players will have the opportunity to activate a set of three numbers for $5.00 for a chance to win the weekly 50/50 pot. On Friday of every week a number will be randomly drawn and the winner will receive 50% of the revenue from that week's draw! Supporters may also selct which team/club they would like their funds directed to.

Women of X-cellence

The mission of the StFX Women of X-cellence is to enhance the experience of current female student-athletes both on and off the playing field. Our goal is to raise awareness for Women’s Athletics by recruiting and retaining StFX Women of X-cellence members and to help provide financial support for Women’s Athletics. Together, we can ensure that our Varsity Women’s teams continue to succeed within U SPORTS and are provided with both personal and professional development. 

XAVIAIR Aeroplan Donations

In order to share our vision and attract the most talented student-athletes to StFX University, it is critical that we bring recruits to Antigonish and experience the campus and town first hand. When potential student-athletes experience the X-community live, we win them over. However, as we are not located near a major city centre, like so many of the other Canadian universities, recruiting is very expensive. With your help, your donated miles will bring more of the top recruits to StFX University and ensure our success in the quest for additional conference and national championships.

X Varsity Club

The X Varsity Club is the fundraising arm of the StFX University Athletics Program. Contributions help provide Athletic Financial Awards (AFA’s) to our deserving student-athletes who are committed to representing StFX’s tradition of Excellence. Your financial support is essential to our success as fundraised money is becoming increasingly important to be successful within the AUS and U SPORTS. Gifts may be designated to a specific team or a variety of teams. Donations are tax deductible and can be made by scheduled payments or a one-time lump sum. 

XVC Young Alumni Giving Program

The XVC Young Alumni Giving Program is a five-year initiative designed to enhance the support of the X Varsity Club and StFX Athletics from Young Alumni. The experiences you had while playing on a Varsity team were made possible by multiple loyal alumni and supporters. As a recent graduate, you embody the future of the Xavierian family and represent the vital support for our 12 varsity sports. But we also understand that as a recent graduate, your financial resources are limited. Thus, we’ve developed a gradual giving increase timeline that gives you immediate X Varsity Club benefits without hurting your bank account.

STFX Soccer - Back the Blue

The Back the Blue campaign aims to raise additional funds for the X-Women and X-Women Soccer programs for much needed elements to ensure academic and athletic success both on and off the pitch. Monthly or one-time gifts are greatly appreciated as we reach out to soccer alumni, supporters, family and friends to assist our STFX soccer programs. The funds will be directed to our X-Men and X-Women student-athletes for assisting with athletic financial awards, non-conference travel, recruitment, specialized equipment, and academic support programs.

X-Women Basketball Beyond the Baseline

The Beyond the Baseline campaign aims to elevate the X-Women Basketball team's on-court success and build a program that makes everyone proud. We have a proud legacy of developing exceptional student-athletes and highlight their impressive awards and championships. The program's vision is to create a high-performance environment where student-athletes can develop their basketball skills, academics, relationships, and work ethic. Donations to the campaign will directly impact the lives of student-athletes by enhancing recruiting efforts, providing scholarships, improving the exhibition schedule, and funding a special one-time trip to Barcelona in August, 2023. The program aims to continue molding exceptional student-athletes who will carry forward the legacy of excellence. Donors can make a lasting impact on and off the court while leveraging tax advantages. Every contribution, regardless of size, is greatly appreciated and helps shape the future of the program.

X-Men Football Point After Club

The purpose of the X-Men Football Point After Club’s is to provide meaningful and sustainable financial support to StFX University and the X-Men Football program. Our primary objective is to narrow the annual operating budget gap that exists vis-à-vis other successful mid-size, student-athlete focussed U SPORTS football programs, ensuring that our student-athletes, coaches and staff are equipped to maximize their potential on the field, in the classroom and in their communities.

X-Women Rugby 35 Years of Excellence Campaign

StFX has one of the best university women’s rugby programs in Canada. We are six-time national champions and 21-time AUS champs. In celebration of over 35 years since women’s rugby was established at StFX, we are launching a 5-year campaign to raise $350,000 to help our X-Women Rugby team continue to thrive. This campaign will support the X-Women Rugby team in three main ways:

  1. Increase the number of endowed Scholarships and Bursaries to recruit top student-athletes;
  2. Revitalize the X-Women Locker Room to provide the team with a meeting space that is worthy of a championship-level team; and
  3. Establish a sustainable Exhibition Travel budget, so we can participate in high-quality tournaments outside of Atlantic Canada, to prepare for national championships.