Hazing Policy

Hazing Policy

The StFX Department of Athletics and Recreation does not tolerate hazing of any kind.  This applies to varsity teams, club teams, intramural participants, fitness and recreational activities and programs and all other forms of organized participation falling within the realm of StFX Athletics and Recreation.

As coach, student-athlete or participant, you are responsible for the behavior of your teammates at formal and informal, scheduled and unscheduled events.  Regardless of whether the team meets on or off-campus, you are still highly visible as representatives of St. Francis Xavier University, and should behave accordingly.

Hazing is defined as any action that recklessly or intentionally endangers the physical and mental health or safety of students.  No one, including current, former, or alumni members of any team shall harass, intimidate, mock, or ridicule anyone else or commit any other similar act as a requisite for membership or participation on any such team. 

The following activities are examples of violations of this standard:

  1. Requiring the consumption of any food, liquor, drug, or other substance;
  2. Requiring participation in physical activities, such as calisthenics, exercise, or other games or activities requiring physical exertion;
  3. Exposing another to weather elements or other physically or emotionally uncomfortable situations;
  4. Forcing excessive fatigue from sleep deprivation, physical activities, or exercise;
  5. Requiring anything that would be illegal under any applicable law, including laws of the StFX Community Code, municipal, provincial or federal law;
  6. Requiring anything that can be reasonably expected to be morally offensive to another;
  7. Committing or requiring any act that demeans another based on race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, religion, or age;
  8. Committing any act of physical brutality against another, including, but not limited to, paddling, striking with fists, open hands or objects, and branding;
  9. Kidnapping or transporting another with the intent of stranding him or her;
  10. Committing verbal abuse;
  11. Forcing or requiring conduct that can be reasonably expected to embarrass or adversely affect the dignity of another, including the performance of public stunts and activities;
  12. Intentionally creating work or labor for another;
  13. Denying sufficient time for study or other academic activities; or
  14. Committing or requiring another to commit any sexual act or engage in lewd behavior.

The StFX Department of Athletics and Recreation will not tolerate any form of the aforementioned activities.  All public behavior must be within the bounds of human dignity and should not cause any embarrassment to the individuals involved, the team, the Department or the University.

Hazing is an extremely serious issue. Strong and immediate action will be taken against those who do not follow the guidelines.  Failure to comply may result in suspension or expulsion from your team or from the university.  If you have any questions as to whether an activity is appropriate please consult the Director of Athletics and Recreation.

Please do your part to ensure that all StFX participants understand the seriousness of this policy.