StFX Athletics Mascots

StFX Athletics Mascots

Captain X and Super Xavia are the pride and passion of StFX University Athletics! Captain X made his debut in 2013-14 as part of the X-Men & X-Women teams, and now appears at all major X-Men games in the fall and winter seasons.

Super Xavia joined the StFX Athletics team in 2014-15 and is the main mascot supporter for all our X-Women teams! She is the only female human-based mascot in all of U SPORTS. 

Make sure if you're at StFX you come find Captain X or Super Xavia in the stadium, gymnasium, or arena! They love to greet all X fans, young and old!

Captain X and Super Xavia also make appearances at external events too. Any groups interested in an appearance by either or both Captain X and Super Xavia should fill out and submit the following form:


Prior to Captain X and Super Xavia, StFX Athletics was represented by the lovable mascot Go-Go, who served StFX for seven proud seasons from 2006-2013. Prior to 2006, X-cellent Ernie was on the StFX scene for a number of years as well.




GO-GO                                                 X-CELLENT ERNIE