StFX X-Men Soccer - Awards History

StFX X-Men Soccer student-athletes have a strong tradition of excellence in team, conference and national recognition. Numerous X-Men have earned team awards, secured a spot in the X-Men record book, achieved conference AUS All-Star and/or national All-Canadian status. Many have been fortunate to win AUS or U SPORTS major awards including:  Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, Student-Athlete Community Service Award, and Most Valuable Player. On the academic side, there are many who have achieved recognition as an Academic All-Canadian during their career, earning an 80+ average while consuming eligibility.

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StFX Team Awards

StFX Record Book

AUS All-Stars

AUS Major Awards

U SPORTS All-Canadians & All-Rookies

U SPORTS Major Awards

U SPORTS Academic All-Canadians