StFX Strength & Conditioning

StFX Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning services are provided year-round for all varsity athletes. The sport-specific training programs use the most up to date scientific knowledge and methodology to increase physical performance, prevent injury, and allow StFX varsity athletes to maximize their athletic potential. The head strength & conditioning coach acts as a conduit between the athlete and the head coach.

The strength & conditioning services also provides an opportunity for students to be involved with varsity sports as student interns. These interns are hired by the strength & conditioning coach and are responsible for the day to day oversight of the varsity weight room and working with the varsity athletes to assist with their training programs. For more information on becoming a strength & conditioning intern, please email Josh Crouse.

Mission Statement 

To most effectively provide student-athletes the best opportunity to succeed both athletically and academically. By providing quality programming based on a culmination of current research and experience, we strive to ensure our athletes are stronger, faster and more resilient. We strive to educate our athletes through the processes of training by aiding in their nutritional choices, monitoring their general health and wellness and teaching effective recovery strategies. Our general training philosophy revolves around developing a sound base of movement patterns on which to build strength, power, speed and the different energy systems required to perform at their best in their respective sport.

Core Values

ACCOUNTABILITY - We must own everything we do or don’t do.

ADAPTABILITY - Adapt or lose - we embrace change to succeed.

COMMUNICATION - We listen to understand, then speak to be understood.

EFFORT - We do our best today so we can be better tomorrow.

FUNDAMENTALS - We are relentlessly good at the basics.

HUMILITY - We are never too big to do the small things.

MINDFULNESS - We focus on the present, and the result takes care of itself.

RESPECT - We respect people, our space and our equipment.

TEAMWORK - We surrender “me” for “we”.

Strength & Conditioning Coach                      
Josh Crouse 
(902) 867-2218 office
(902) 521-4456 cell