Getting to Know...Melanie Belong

Getting to Know...Melanie Belong

X-Women soccer forward Melanie Belong is the latest athlete featured in our Getting to Know your X-Women and X-Men series throughout the summer. Melanie is a fourth year Science student from Moncton, N.B.

Nickname:  Mel B

I can't wait to do the following after the pandemic?
Play soccer and get together with friends!

When I am not studying or playing my sport, in my spare time I like to?
Get together with friends or get outdoors!

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
One of the Dixie Chicks, they're rock stars!

What is one thing that annoys you?
Technology that doesn't work right!!

What is one thing you have on your 'bucket list'?
Go kayaking with whales

If you could come out at the start of a game to an entrance song, what would it be?
Run this town -Jay Z and Rihanna

Something interesting about my hometown is?
Home of the highest tides in the world (Fundy Tides)

My favorite moment to date as a StFX student-athlete is?
Beating Acadia in the final moments of an AUS semi-final

Class:  Anatomy and Physiology
Store:  Ikea
Food:  Lobster
Summer activity:  Boating with family and friends
Animated movie:  Frozen
TV show or series:  Friends
Item of clothing:  Shoes
Mobile app:  Spotify
Pro sports team:  Toronto Raptors
Pro sports athlete:  Vince Carter

Country or City:  Country
Instagram or Snapchat:  Instagram
Sunrise or Sunset:  Sunset
Chocolate or Candy:  Candy
Ocean or Lake:  Ocean
Dog or Cat:  Dog
Tea or Coffee:  Coffee
iPhone or Android:  iPhone
Winter or Summer:  Summer
Spring or Fall:  Fall