Getting to Know...Jason Bast

Bast, Jason
Bast, Jason

X-Men hockey forward Jason Bast is the latest athlete featured in our Getting to Know your X-Women and X-Men series throughout the summer. Jason recently completed his third year with the X-Men and is a Human Kinetics student from Regina, Sask.

Nickname: jap nasty

What brought you to StFX?  
I wanted to get out of the West and experience something new.  I had two good friends here who had great things to say and from the moment I came to Antigonish, everything just felt right.

What has been your best moment in a StFX uniform so far?  
The playoff run we had two years ago was so intense and a lot of fun.  We had an unbelievable group of guys that were incredible to go through that experience with.

One thing I cannot live without is…?  
Not very dependent on things, maybe sense of taste, I love food too much

If I could have super-hero powers I would…?  
I'd want to be intellectually gifted more than any physical abilities

My biggest pet peeve is…?  
How much people in Antigonish use their horns

My dream vacation destination is…?  
I don't know, I'm happy where I am

My dream job is…?  
Junior hockey GM

Tell us one thing that fans may not know about you?  
I may or may not be a fantasy sports savant


 1. Past-time/hobby:   Scuba diving, I haven't done it much but it is the best thing I've done

 2.  Food:   Chipotle or ranch sauces

 3.  Website:   Wikipedia

 4.  TV show:   Suits

 5.  Movie:  300, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes

 6.  Actor/Actress:   Robert Downey Jr.

 7.  Singer/Band:   Rise Against

 8.  Sport (other than your own):   Football

 9.  Pro sports team:   Saskatchewan Roughriders

 10. Pro sports athlete:   Kobe