About Clubs

The Competitive Sports Club program at StFX University is designed to provide additional opportunities for individuals interested in a specific sport to develop or improve their skills, to participate recreationally or competitively in leagues and competitions external to StFX, and establish social contacts.  Sport clubs are voluntary, non-profit, student led organizations.  Members assume the leadership and financial responsibilities of club activities, but are required to adhere to Department of Athletics & Recreation and University guidelines and policies.

Registered Competitive Sport Clubs are managed by StFX students and community members.  The Competitive Sports Clubs are not funded or managed by the Department of Athletics & Recreation at StFX University.  The programs are a service to members and are registered with the Department of Athletics & Recreation in order that they might schedule Department facilities, apply for use of certain services, and receive basic support for on campus sport club activities. The club liaison contact is Joe DeCoste