STFX Athletics continues with online 50/50 platform

STFX Athletics continues with online 50/50 platform

What is the STFX Athletics & XREC 50/50? 

The program is a virtual 50/50 fundraiser established to help STFX Athletics and XREC to raise funds for our varsity and club sport teams.

Each week players will have the opportunity to activate a set of numbers (each set has three numbers) in order to win the weekly 50/50 pot. Each set of numbers costs only $5.00! On Friday of every week a number will be randomly drawn and the winner will receive 50% of the revenue from that week's draw! There is also an autoplay option should you wish your set(s) of numbers to be played each week.  

Fans must be 19 years or older to play and geo-located in Nova Scotia at the time of purchase.


How are the funds used? 

All funds raised will be used to support the following: 

1. Varsity team enhancements, such as: 

  • Athletic financial awards;
  • Academic support programs;
  • High-performance training (nutrition, sport psychology, strength & conditioning);
  • Injury prevention (specialized equipment, therapy modalities); 
  • Schedule enhancement (exhibition tournaments, out-of-conference games);
  • Scouting and recruitment; 
  • Coaching development.

2. Club team supports, such as:

  • Subsidize travel expenses;
  • Equipment and uniform purchases;
  • Coaching development.

3. Provide an opportunity for everyone to support the STFX X-Men and X-Women – Go X Go!

How do I play? 

  2. Register a new account
  3. Select how many tickets you would like to purchase
  4. Follow along each week to find out if you are the lucky winner!

For additional information please contact