StFX Athletics Mascot

StFX Athletics has said good-bye to it's mascot Go-Go, who has been with us for the past seven years.  Arriving in the fall of 2006, Go-Go had a great run with the X-Men and X-Women. He decided to move on this past spring and graduated from StFX University.  Everyone involved with StFX Athletics wishes Go-Go all the best as he moves on to pursue his Master of Mascot Studies degree.

Prior to the Go-Go mascot, X-cellent Ernie was on the StFX scene for a number of years, bringing his enthusiasm to both Athletics and Student Union events.  

Saturday, September 7th marks a special day for StFX Athletics as a new mascot will be unveiled for the 2013-14 varsity season and beyond!  Make sure you book your ticket for the X-Men football home opener at 7:00 pm as our new mascot will make his appearance before the game!