Getting to Know...Hannah Pollock

Photo courtesy UdeM
Photo courtesy UdeM

X-Women track & field thrower Hannah Pollock is the latest athlete featured in our Getting to Know your X-Women and X-Men series throughout the summer. Hannah is a fourth year Nursing student from Barrie, Ont.

My nickname is…?

My favorite moment to date as a StFX student-athlete is…?
At AUS last year, my sister Hailey and I were competing in weight throw together and went back and forth for first place throughout the entire competition. It was a good competition and in the end we placed first and second, which was great to experience with family.

If I could be StFX President for one day I would…?
Provide free unlimited Rita wraps for everyone.

A unique talent or skill I have is…?
Yoda and Sofia Vergara impersonations.

My biggest pet peeve is…?
‎When my bed isn't made before I go to sleep.   

My favorite childhood memory is…?
Going to Disney for March break.

My dream job is…?
Registered nurse or nurse practitioner.

Something interesting about my hometown is…?
It's home to Canada's largest country bar, The Ranch.


Class:  Anatomy and Physiology
Place to Study:  Home
Food: ‎ All food, but if I had to choose it would be french fries
Summer activity:  Bonfires
Disney Movie:  Tangled
Social Media:  Instagram
TV show:  There are many, but Grey's Anatomy holds a special place in my heart.
Vacation spot:  ‎Los Cabos
Singer/Band:  Vance Joy
Item of clothing:  Roots sweat pants
Pro sports team:  Any Canadian team
Pro sports athlete:  Any Canadian athlete