Oland Centre

The StFX Oland Centre is the home of the varsity X-Men and X-Women, along with being the primary facility for StFX recreation programs, StFX intramurals and the StFX Human Kinetics Department. It houses the offices of the majority of StFX Athletics administration and coaches and Human Kinetics faculty. 

Built in 1967, the StFX Oland Centre features a main gymnasium with seating for 2500 spectators for basketball or volleyball games. The main gymnasium can also accommodate three courts for basketball or volleyball widthwise and has hosted numerous games, tournaments, sports camps, minor sports groups, intramural activities and special events. Staging may be set up for concerts or large conferences.  
Adjacent to the main gymnasium is the auxiliary gymnasium featuring one basketball/ volleyball court. The auxiliary gymnasium serves as a practice facility for StFX varsity teams, along with a teaching area for Human Kinetics skills classes, and recreational space for StFX Recreation Department members. 

In addition to the two gymnasiums, the Oland Centre houses 4 racquetball courts, 2 squash courts, varsity weight room, athletic therapy room, computer lab, 2 Human Kinetics labs, combat room, team dressing rooms, 3 classrooms, and the Kehoe conference meeting room.